Gelomyrtol - 300mg

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Free up your airways

How does it work?

Clinically proven, GeloMyrtol liquefies mucus and facilitates the expulsion of respiratory tract secretions. By getting rid of the mucus that blocks up your airways, GeloMyrtol lets you breathe deeply, from the bottom of your lungs.

A proven mucolytic

What is a mucolytic? It is an agent that dissolves and liquefies mucus caused by an infection such as sinusitis, the flu or even bronchitis. The agent thins out thick mucus buildup so that you can get rid of it quickly and effectively, resulting in you finding your breath and breathing freely again.

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GeloMyrtol box. The box is green and white. It shows the GeloMyrtol logo and the name of the product. It also features an illustration of a person breathing with their respiratory system in green.

A Gelo family product

Choose GeloMyrtol to help you relieve the following symptoms:

Relieves cough due to bronchitis (day and night)

Helps relieve symptoms associated with acute sinusitis such as:

  • Sinus pain and pressure
  • Sinus headache by thinning the mucus


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D. Fisher

GeloMyrtol is great. Years ago, I was addicted to Dristan nasal spray. My sinuses were always plugged and I often got nosebleeds from trying to clear them. I also sneezed a lot, sometimes up to 20 times in a row. My wife says that since I started using GeloMyrtol, I snore a lot less. My sinuses are always clear now. GeloMyrtol has helped me a lot. Great product!

M. MacDowell

I wanted to thank you for this product. I have sinus issues, and this seemed to clear it up. Makes me happy I don't have to take antibiotics or strong medication. I was amazed at how well it worked for me. Normally, it can take a few weeks with a spray I use for sinus infections that has cortisone in it, but with GeloMyrtol, it was faster and more natural.

Claude Côté

Impressive product. I have tried it recently and was impressed by the results. Thanks to this natural product, I can pursue my normal activities. Trying it is adopting it!

Mrs Shone

Thank you for your kind assistance with this, it is not every day someone responds in such a helpful manner. I hope it helps your business!! :-) The product for us was originally for my husband who has COPD. He had a bit of bronchial issues/exacerbation of the COPD, so his GP recommended it. It has made a big difference for him. I think it reduces the intensity of his cough, which must help with the pain of “too much coughing”. It seems to work quickly as well. I am grateful there is such a formula/capsule that helps with this otherwise “not-so-nice” disease! My brother-in-law had sinus issues and I noted that the box said it was for sinuses also, and I am really looking forward to hearing how it helps him!! I remember in years past having terrible sinus headaches. Have not had any in a couple of years, thank goodness.

Jean Louis Roberge

I asked myself why we did not have access to GeloMyrtol before. Each time cold symptoms appear, that usually turns into bronchitis for me. I take GeloMyrtol, and I feel my lower airways clear up and I can breathe again.

Sébastien Lévesque

I use GeloMyrtol like the Germans do: to treat my sinusitis. AND IT WORKS! I feel the mucus liquefy itself and I can breathe again!!!

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