« Testimonial from a CPAP user: Again, thank you for GeloMyrtol.
I have now been a long term user of GeloMyrtol. One a day at night, before using the CPAP.
In March I started using a CPAP (Continuous Positive Air Pressure) machine.
Many people require this sleep aid. Your GeloMyrtol is a perfect compliment to the CPAP.
There are dozens of CPAP outlets in Quebec & thousands in North America.
I think that these CPAP outlets would be perfect outlet for your product. (I did not see any sinus clearing products at the 3 CPAP outlets that I visited)
I am sure that you are familiar with the CPAP. What I am doing here is relating my experience with your product & the machine.
Together they are an excellent sleep aid & a long term health benefit.

D.Mills, Lake of Two Mountains

« Thank you for your kind assistance with this. It is not everyday someone responds in such a helpful manner. I hope it helps your business!! :-) The product for us originally was for my husband who has COPD. He had a bit of bronchial issue/exacerbation of the COPD and his GP recommended it. It has made a big difference for him. I think it reduces the intensity of his coughing which must help the pain of 'too much coughing'. It seems to work quickly as well. I am grateful there is such a formula/capsule that helps with this otherwise 'not-so-nice' disease! My brother-in-law had sinus issue and I noted the box said it was for sinus also, and really am looking forward to hearing how it helps him!! I remember in years past having terrible sinus headaches. Have not had in a couple years, thank goodness. »

Mrs Shone Oakville Ont.

« GeloMyrtol is great. Years ago I was addicted to Dristan nasel spray. My sinuses were always plugged. I often got nosebleeds from trying to clear my sinuses. I also sneezed a lot, sometimes up to 20 times in a row. My wife says since I started using GeloMyrtol I snore a lot less. My sinuses are always clear now. GeloMyrtol has helped me a lot. Great product! »

D. Fisher

News update from M. Blais after 3 years of treatment with GeloMyrtol


January 2017: « I have been using GeloMyrtol faithfully since 2014, not only, I do not cough any more, but I did not have to back to the hospital E.R. for breathing difficulties, nor do I need bronchoscopies every three weeks like before. My visits to the respirologist are now limited to one per year and my respiratory capacity has improved and progressed. Thank you for this more than appreciable boost to my health »


September 2014: « I have a severe case of COPD, I have added GeloMyrtol to my regular medication, Now not only I do not have any coughing fits that were irritating my bronchi, I have stop coughing completely, GeloMyrtol changed my everyday life. »

M. Blais, Québec

« I wanted to thank you for this product. I have sinus issues, and this seemed to clear it up. Makes me happy i don't have to take anti-biotics or strong medication. I was amazed at how well it worked for me. Normally it can be a few weeks with a spray i use for a sinus infection, that has cortisone in it, but with GeloMyrtol it was shorter and more natural. »

M. MacDowell , Pincourt

« I asked myself why we did not have access to GeloMyrtol before, each time cold symptoms appear, that usually turn out into a Bronchitis for me I take GeloMyrtol and I feel my lower airways clear up and I breathe again. »

Jean Louis Roberge

« I use GeloMyrtol like the Germans do, to treat my sinusitis… AND IT WORKS! I feel that the mucus liquefies itself and I breathe again !!! »

Sébastien Lévesque

« I'm addicted to GeloMyrtol !!! Works amazing with allergies also. »

Antonio Guarnieri

« Impressive product, I Have tried it recently and was impressed by the results. Becuse of this natural product I could persue my normal activites, trying it is adopting it! »

Claude Côté

« I have tried it, it's wonderful when you have a sinusitis it prevents you from taking antibiotics. »

Veronique Giroux

«I have tried it it's the best so far in my experience. Thank you! Finally a product available without prescription. I'm done with the line-ups at the clinic ! »

Francois Beaudoin

« It really works quickly and well ! »

Greg Chauve

« Tried it for 1 day and it's amazing!!! Thanks to my doctor who gave them to me!! »

Rose Rabanal

« GeloMyrtol works good for me and no changes on my glucose levels! I recommand it to all »

Taslaine Jacques

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