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GeloMyrtol is the mucolytic that is clinically proven to free the respiratory tract.
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Customer Testimonials

« WOW! You know those days when you wake up and your chest feels tight and your head feels full. Well, I had one of those days recently and was suggested I try GeloMyrtol by a relative. After about 15 minutes, my symptoms began to fade and I could breath again, simply WOW! Thank you, keep on healing!" »
« "I began using GeloMyrtol three years ago while I was visiting my sister in Germany. I had a lifetime of sinus troubles that resulted in many different issues including pain, difficulty breathing, trouble sleeping and a heavy reliance on long-term, very strong antibiotics (which would take weeks to work). I had major sinus surgery once and have used saline sprays, Neti pots and steam machines. Nothing has been as effective as GeolMyrtol- it keeps my sinus as they should be- CLEAR!!! Thanks for bringing this to North America! »
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